Get rid migraine headaches during menstruation with 5 easy

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Get rid of migraine headaches during menstruation with 5 easy-to-follow methods.

In addition to abdominal pain that occurs during menstruation. There are other symptoms. many more that often come together especially migraine headaches It is one of the symptoms that girls It is almost difficult to avoid every time your period comes. Today, we would like to share 5 methods at UFABET. That help relieve migraine headaches during menstruation. I have taken it to follow. Let’s see what each method has to do.

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables

When girls have migraine headaches during menstruation. It is recommended that you should eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Because fruits and vegetables are rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals that are essential to the body. It also helps to balance and moisturize the body as well. In addition, eating fruits and vegetables can help reduce muscle stiffness. which is considered one of the symptoms that cause pain to the body Therefore, during menstruation I recommend that girls Should turn to eat fruits and vegetables instead of various desserts. It will help reduce abdominal pain and reduce headaches quite well.

2. Eat food that tastes sweet but just right.

Of course, near menstruation. Your body needs a lot of sweets. Therefore, if wanting to reduce migraine headaches It is recommended that you should eat sweet food, but in moderation. Especially in the period 4-5 days before menstruation, because as long as the body has been too high in sugar. will affect blood sugar levels which has a very high chance of causing migraine headaches

3. Get enough sleep

during menstruation Insomnia is often accompanied by That’s because the hormones during menstruation will fluctuate. Even if the body can not sleep for a long time. It may cause the body to get insufficient rest. That will induce migraine headaches to follow, so women should always give themselves enough sleep and rest. especially during menstruation Should create an atmosphere for yourself to sleep enough to meet the needs of the body. Because it will help both reduce migraine headaches and help the body not face stress easily as well.

4. Exercise to relax muscles.

As for exercise to relax the muscles, that is, exercise, but only lightly. especially during menstruation There is often a headache in the occipital region. or cause migraine headaches Which these headaches are caused by tension in the muscles of the body, how to exercise to help relax the muscles, that is Yoga or stretching Because it helps to relax the muscles and create balance for the body to be flexible. It also stimulates the circulatory system to pump blood to the brain well. thus reducing headaches during menstruation as well

5. Take painkillers.

In case of girls Tried every method But migraine headaches during menstruation have not subsided. It is recommended to take painkillers. and sleep immediately To relieve stress and relax the muscles in different parts of the body. If you have nausea, want to vomit, have vertigo. or blurred vision It is advisable to hurry to see a doctor immediately.