Ten beautiful! A total of 7 long hairstyles that are easy to do. 

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Ten beautiful! A total of 7 long hairstyles that are easy to do. It doesn’t take long Beginners can do it.

Hello sissss people! Today, let’s talk about “hair style” as well. Because as a person with long hair and less skilled in styling hair like me, I can tell you that I rarely have the opportunity to do a very different hairstyle. Because there really is no ability, Siss people! But recently, we have been secretly looking for 7 easy long hairstyles to try and challenge yourself. which is considered very successful This time, I would like to share with friends so. That they can have a chic hairstyle together.

Ten beautiful! A total of 7 long hairstyles. That are easy to do. It doesn’t take long Beginners can do it

Before going to start with the advancement of coming to something simple by creating a hairstyle by using hair clips first. I have to say that this one is very easy. Just hold it, curl it and attach it to a hairpin. It comes out as a very simple and natural style. Friends can also add cuteness to their hair style. You can change the hairpin each day.

2. Half Ponytale

I want a minimalist style with a Low Bun style. This style will give you a feeling of comfort and a playful girl. The method is very easy to do. Have a friend use the hair band to store the hairstyle like a normal hair tie, then slowly curl the hair into a bun as desired and tie the same rubber band tightly again. Just like this, you will get a Low Bun and ready to go out for a chill walk.

3. hair scarf arrange

Add cuteness to your daily hair with a hair scarf arrange or bring a scarf to tie your hair over to add color. For ideas, I must say that I don’t have a fixed hairstyle. But if any of your friends don’t have time to do their hair, they can tie a normal ponytail and use a scarf to tie it again, it’s pretty cool. Suitable for people with no skills and the least amount of time.

4. Twist Hair

If tying your hair in a ponytail like you do every day is too common, it is recommended to add a playfulness to Twist Hair or a twisted hairstyle. The name may sound strange, but I can tell you that it’s very chic. First, have friends gather their hair low and divide the hair into two equal sections, gradually curling it tight and forming a simple spiral. But if you want to look expensive, look neat, I recommend a set. I added with a spray or hair gel

5. Dango

At the beginning we talked about the Low Bun, now let’s change the position of the bun a little higher with another easy Dango hairstyle. And it came out very cute by starting from gathering the hair up into a high ponytail. And tied it with a hair rubber band tightly. After that, twist the ponytail and wrap it around the base of the ponytail until it forms a dango. and increase its durability by attaching it with hairpins around the dango

6. PIN UP Hair

Because during this period, I saw the trend of bringing old fashion back again. So let’s end with the PIN UP Hair style that is another popular hairstyle of the 90s. The way to do it is easy. Start by parting the hair on the top of the head from the bangs. Then gather the rest of your hair into a high ponytail. and picked up the bangs Then use the curling iron to roll the hair inward. and roll the end of the ponytail over every bouquet And after that, friends slowly picked up the end of the ponytail on top of each bouquet. and attach it with a black hairpin Do this until I run out. Ready to add chicness by tying the fabric.

How are you doing sisss! get together enough to smell good If you have time, I recommend you to try it together. Guaranteed that if you get a finished look with these chic hairstyles at UFABET. Everyone who sees it will surely have a greeting.