Laporta awaiting answer from Bayern over Lewandowski.

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Joan Laporta has revealed Barcelona are awaiting an answer from Bayern Munich. After Azulgrana had previously made an offer for Robert Lewandowski.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta revealed during the launch of Andreas Christensen. About the signing of Robert Lewandowski that Azulgra. Should be waiting for an answer from Bayern Munich. After the club submitted an offer to the Southern Tigers for consideration. According to reports from Mundo Deportivo on Thursday. UFABET

When asked about the reasons for Bayern Munich’s refusal of an additional bonus in their offer to buy Lewandowski from Barcelona. The Bavarian side were not convinced they would pay. Such amount within 1 or 2 years. 

‘I don’t believe them. I think it’s from chat and it’s just a joke.’ Laporta said. ‘That’s not from Bayern, We’re celebrating 125 years and few places have the same history as us.’

‘You know we made an offer for Lewandowski and we are waiting for an answer from Bayern. They are evaluating the offer and we are waiting for an answer.’ said the Barcelona president.

Earlier this month , German media Bild report that Barca made a third bid for the experience striker. Amounting to 40 million euros, or about 1,466 million baht. Plus 5 million euros add-ons, or about 18 million baht. But he was reject by the Southern Tiger as always. Because it is still far from the set price of 50 million euros, or about 1,832 million baht.