‘Pochettino’ is Chelsea’s best story right now

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Jamie Carragher, a famous football guru, gave an interview praising Mauricio Pochettino, saying he is Chelsea’s best story right now.

Chelsea led his team to equalize after having to be chased . Following Manchester City 3 times before the game ended with a score of 4-4,

Successfully sharing points with one of the teams that could be called the best in the world during this period. But even though Chelsea’s start to this season has not been very smooth, But closing the program before the national team break with the results of this game. It may change the atmosphere of the club in the remaining programs from now on. 

“The best thing about Chelsea right now is that Pochettino is not a player or owner. But it’s this manager,” Carragher told Sky Sports. “He’s the most important person when we talk about Chelsea winning trophies again. I’m not sure they could have gotten a better manager had that option been available. But everything he does raises the level. ยูฟ่าเบท

“ Many players They now have confidence to face the best team in the world and they have confidence in their manager as well. That allows him to organize teams in different ways. Every big game he creates a lot of problems for the opponent.

“ They were a better team against Liverpool than they were against Arsenal and I think they were a better team today in terms of playing. Creating problems for the opposing team ” “At Chelsea right now there are only good things. 

We can go back and look at what the owners have done and how much they’ve spent. But from the point of view of Pochettino and those young players. It’s a perfect move where they can challenge the best teams and a manager who can compete with some of the top managers.”