Sir Alex Ferguson conjured up the spirit of the year, missed the drama championship

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Former Sir Alex Ferguson right-hand man Rene Meulensteen has revealed the versatility of Sir Alex’s psychology after they lost the title to Manchester City on the final day of the season.

After the battle for the championship title in the 2011/12 season between the two cities of Manchester. A thrilling finale of the season ended with

United poised to lift the title following a 1-0 win at Sunderland, while City were on the verge of a 2-0 home defeat to QPR. 1 But Edin Dzeko and then Sergio Aguero turned the game around and led the team to a memorable comeback and Premier League title

. The backroom staff were stunn at the Stadium of Light, however, the moods of the players lifted within minutes as Sir Alex gave the post-match team talk and put United back on top in 12 months. Later,

how Sir Alex Ferguson dealt with that was told by his assistant at the time, Rene Meulensteen, in his upcoming autobiography.

“The disappointment at the end of the season can really cling to your mind. And defeat in 2012 was a feeling all the staff felt,” he wrote

. It is our collective responsibility to hide our disappointment. To make sure the players don’t feel that bad

. Boss has completely changed our minds. And we immediately concentrate on winning the title. It’s something that even our most experienced and successful players haven’t been through. That’s their motivation to go again. Looking back and putting things in context I am even more amaze at what the boss can do in such a long time.

“We talked about what he did and how he did it. But the truth is that it’s not easily copie. The most amazing thing is that we are in a very stressful situation. Coming out of what can only be described as a mentally wasted way of missing out on the championship. And at the club you need to win in style every game. I never felt any pressure at all”.

“Defeat becomes a challenge. It’s something out of the ordinary. And thanks to the work of Sir Alex.”