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Mourinho advises ‘Pedro’ to become a swimmer.

Roma manager Jose Mourinho revealed after the game that Lazio’s Spanish winger Pedro might be a good swimmer after showing off his diving skills in the recent Rome derby . The Stadio Olimpico finished scoreless but the referee was quite busy after giving out 8 yellow

Lyon confirms free signing of Niles

Olympic Lyon French League giants Announcing the signing of Ainsley Maitsland-Niles for free Joined the team with a period of 4 years after the versatile football contract expired with Arsenal, the youngster formed the“Arsenol” academy out of contract with the team since the summer. Farewell to the club

5 tips to help adjust your body shape to be beautiful

5 tips to help adjust your body shape to beautiful and proportionate It’s perfect to wear any outfit. Normally, women ‘s bodies tend to have fat accumulation areas, especially those in the hips, thighs, and abdomen. Which are the three areas. Where fat is easily accumulated. And also a

Get rid migraine headaches during menstruation with 5 easy

Get rid of migraine headaches during menstruation with 5 easy-to-follow methods. In addition to abdominal pain that occurs during menstruation. There are other symptoms. many more that often come together especially migraine headaches It is one of the symptoms that girls It is almost difficult to avoid every time your