Sergi denies reports of a split in the Barca dressing room.

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Sergi Roberto insists that the Azulgrana dressing room is still united and there are no divisions according to media reports.

Sergi Roberto, as captain of Barcelona, ​​confirmed that there are no problems in the dressing room of the Azulgrana team as claimed by the media, although there is still no clear understanding between Araujo and Ilkay Gundoğan, according to a report from UFABET last Friday. 

‘There was no need for meetings because we were together in the dressing room every day. Of course, it is talked about mostly because of what is created outside of it. But to clarify, there is no problem with anyone. We are family’ 

‘I read that the team split up. far from it Don’t look at problems that don’t exist. The team is one.’ 

‘After a defeat like this There will always be chaos at this club. If they talk, the protagonists are that they will say it. There are no internal problems,’  Roberto said.

While Carles Puyol, the legendary Barcelona defender, spoke about the issue saying: ‘Everyone is free to say what they believe. I like to talk about these things in the dressing room. I still believe he made his comments without any ill intent. As for Araujo’s play, defending isn’t easy. It is very fast action. He fouls and the person who least wants to foul is him. These are the things that happen in football.’

‘A lot of times these things have a bigger impact on the media than on the dressing room. We know how all of this works. We must try not to talk too much about external matters. Because then they can be interpreted in many different ways. But I’m sure he didn’t have any bad intentions. I don’t think it’s necessary for Xavi to bring anyone together. I think they will talk in the dressing room. and everything will be resolved’ 

According to ยูฟ่าเบท additional reports, both Roberto and Marc-Andre ter Stegen, as team leaders, played a key role in de-escalating tensions. Only the German goalkeeper has a good relationship with Gundoğan and is also good at communicating in both English and Spanish, helping to connect with players who are not fluent in Spanish.