Mourinho advises ‘Pedro’ to become a swimmer.

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Roma manager Jose Mourinho revealed after the game that Lazio’s Spanish winger Pedro might be a good swimmer after showing off his diving skills in the recent Rome derby .

The Stadio Olimpico finished scoreless but the referee was quite busy after giving out 8 yellow cards and had to quell the anger from both teams in this game.

After the game, Mourinho expressed his dissatisfaction with Pedro, the Spaniard, who the pair worked with during Mourinho’s final season at Chelsea.

After the game, Mourinho turned his ire on Spanish winger Pedro, who he managed in his final season in charge at Stamford Bridge. WHAT THEY SAID: “Pedro is a fantastic player,” explained Mourinho, “But he could also be a swimmer because the way he dives in the pool is fantastic.”

“Pedro is a special player,” Mourin said . “But he might be a good swimmer as well,” said Jo. Because with the way he dives, if it were in a swimming pool, it would be amazing.” The draw results in points between the two teams not far apart, with Roma in 7th place with 18 points, while Lazi Oh, ranked 10th with 17 points. However, even though this game was filled with anger, Maurizio Sarri chose not to go to war with Mourinho. Sarri said, “I don’t want to deal with Mourinho’s attitude in the media, but Mourinho is a great person.